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Eagle Aeronautics, Inc. is an outstanding aerospace engineering firm

Eagle Aeronautics, Inc., founded in 1994, provides high technology engineering problem-solving and support services for government and industry clients. Eagle is committed to excellence in providing innovative and realistic approaches to the technical and organizational needs of our clients. The Small Business Administration (SBA) certified Eagle as an 8 (a) Small Disadvantaged Business in February 1998 until February 2007.

Eagle specializes in conceptual design of aircraft and spacecraft, analysis of vehicle structures, vehicle performance, and environmental impact studies. Eagle has experience in sensors, instrumentation and on-board data systems, including measuring flight loads on operational civil transport aircraft.
Eagle has internationally recognized experts in aerodynamics, structures and acoustic/noise control that have served on a variety of national and international committees including safety reviews and technology assessments. One associate served on the National Research Council's committee on Breakthrough Technology for Commercial Supersonic Transport. He is currently assisting NASA and industry in a Low Boom Flight Demonstrator (LBFD) Concept Formulation study and developing material to the FAA Supersonic Task Group (SSTG) for LBFD Advocacy and Planning.

Eagle continues to support NASA's aeronautics programs

Eagle strongly supports the efforts of the NASA Aeronautics Support Team that is working hard to protect and grow the NASA's aeronautics research and development programs.

Eagle currently provides on-site support at NASA Langley on the TEAMS2 contract as a sub-contractor to Analytical Mechanics Associates in the area of aerospace structures research. This effort includes analyses to determine the response of ground-based and aerospace structures to combined service loads and environmental conditions.

Present effort includes providing research support for progressive damage analysis and validation for laminated composite structures. This effort also includes providing analysis support for conducting nonlinear transient dynamic analyses using ABAQUS software and for doing trade off studies of structural components of Ares-I, Ares-V and SLS systems using PANDA2 optimization code and Genetic-Algorithm (GA) code under Shell Buckling Knockdown Factor (SBKF) project.

Eagle continues to provide technical support to NASA DFRC flight validation of the Eagle designed conical and wedge probes used for the instantaneous measurement of Free-Stream Flow Quantities at supersonic speeds.


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